Monday, April 5, 2010

Science Captain, Best of the Best!

Now that most of us are spamming the daily raidisodes and we are getting more familiar with other classes and their abilities, I wanted to briefly talk about the BEST class in the game currently - the Science Captain.

We are the most versitile class at the moment, we can heal, crowd control, exploit, tank and do a fair amount of dps. Our survivability is unmatched by either tactical or engineer.

Im sure that in the future things will change, but as it stands Science is the King of the Hill, and I am Loving it!!!

I have persomally tanked both ground bosses in "Infected" and "The Cure." Toe-to-Toe, Hand-to-Hand and have even solo killed Rebecca Simmons on more than one run.

Make sure that you take time to examine the Science Officer as a character option. You may be suprised at the "Q" like power that you will have as you annihilate anyone that stands against you.