Sunday, February 28, 2010

STO Nerdrage

First, to ALL the “Nerdragers” that share this point of view by all means quit, as it shows your shortsighted ignorance and will mean less drama for those of us sticking with a great game.

Second, yes there have been problems with the game as of release. However, that does not mean that STO is a fail game. Far from it. STO is a game with near limitless potential for creating a massive and enriching universe (dare I say – multiverse…) with content spanning the known galaxy and beyond.

Now to address this video’s claims against STO.

The trailer that this person picked apart as lies is nothing more than a cinematic trailer, I have seen many games use this marketing strategy, WOW being chief among them. Blizzards cinematic trailers are legendary, but hardly an accurate depiction of the cartoonish game play experience you actually encounter. This person obviously missed the numerous game play videos that Cryptic released on its website prior to launch showing game content and combat.

Lack of content? Maybe. But only if you have no life whatsoever and sit at your computer power leveling for 4 days straight. Cryptic has been diligently working since well before launch to expand content in game and within 2 weeks of launch added 3 more episodes and daily missions in Borg space.

In the first major content update they will be adding new PvP maps, Fleet Actions, New Klingon Ships, Respecs, Mission Difficulty Slider, improving Memory Alpha and the commodity missions, adding in replayable missions and of course releasing the first, of many, “Raidisodes” for end game players (STF – Infected).

Beyond that, Cryptic is looking to the players to shape the direction of the game, but has plans laid out for the next 6-12 months for some hardcore development. Discovering more about the Undine (species 8472) and their motivations in our realm. New playable races/factions. Who will it be? Cardassian, Romulan, Reman, Dominion? Expansion of the exploring missions. More diplomatic missions. Possibility of First officers. More ship customization and choices perhaps?

Okay, I have heard people complain about marketing before but this is ridiculous. Seriously causing a stink because they are offering a good deal to those people who may have been on the fence about the game but now have a more compelling reason to join our community. Who cares if they are offering a limited time 60 days few with the purchase of the game. It is no different an incentive than offering different bonuses depending on what third party vendor you went with, or by offering the Playable Borg and 2 extra character slots to those who could afford the lifetime membership (I wish I could have). I don’t remember seeing the pitchforks then.

What we need to do is sit back, take a breath, relax and be patient. Give our feedback to Cryptic, good and not so good, so they can create a world we can all be happy to spend our time in and explore. If we can do that then I foresee a wonderful time exploring strange new worlds. . .

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