Monday, March 15, 2010

Gearing Your Ship for Admiral

You've fought your way through throngs of Klingons, Gorn, Naussicans, Romulans, Cardassians and Jem'Hadar, now your about to begin your assault on the Borg.

But wait.... I still only have Mark VIII ship weapons and consoles, that wont even scratch a cube's hull let alone damage or destroy one.

There is a simple and basic strategy for making sure that you start off in your new Admiral level ship with only the best, full Mark X Weapons and Consoles.

The concept is simple, when you hit Capt 7 talk to Lt. Crom Hana and grab the mission to explore the Zenas Expanse. Drop everything and high tail it for the expanse, spam it untill you cant spam anymore, complete a single system mission (patrol or stand alone) outside of the expanse then pick up the mission again and spam the expanse, ect, ect...

I know what your thinking: "Ugh!! Not another Explore mission." But do not fret. This Mission is your best friend as it will provide you with Badges of Exploration 5th Order. These Badges are what you use on Sol Spacedock to purchase Mk X Weapons and Consoles. The weapons only cost 63 Badges each and the consoles cost 43 badges each, one heck of a bargan considering you get 75 badges per mission completion.

To completely outfit your Ship with MK X weapons varies by ship type. Science ships will take 6 mission completions to outfit the 6 weapon slots, Escorts take 7 runs and Cruisers will take 8.

Once your cocked, locked and ready to rock - Go show those borg who's boss!!

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  1. Great reference site please get us more info out there :) a few walk throughs on Infected and the Cure (and the new stf's comign out) would be helpful for a lot of people and would also get a lot more visitors to the site :)