Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Content is on the way!!!

This is the moment that we ALL have been waiting for. The first major content patch (Season One - Common Ground) and the next daily raidisode (STF: The Cure) are comming this Thursday the 18th.

I will breifly highlight some of the gems from "Season One - Common Ground."

1. Respeccing is finally here
2. Purchasable C-Store items (New ship variants, More Character
Slots, ect...)
3. More PvP content
4. New skills

And much, much more.

The new daily Raidisode, STF: The Cure, is another borg themed daily that is sure to bring a great challenge to players.

I know that ALL of us are looking forward to Thursday and diving into all this new content with reckless abandon.

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